Welcome to Seren Derryth Creations

Welcome to my blog. This is where I will post about what I’m doing, maybe some pictures of creations I’m currently working on,  what I might be reading that pertains to things I enjoy, and more! I really dislike saying “and more” because it’s non-specific, but this is the real first time I am attempting to do a weekly blog so I don’t want to limit myself. 

As Seren Derryth I’m a creative fae soul living in a human witchy existence, that loves magic and fantasy.  Being a practicing Witch, artist, and geek I am really interested in tying these genres together because it’s most accurate to what makes my heart tick. 

I hope that you will come with me to see where fantasy and imagination collide to mix art and magic into a perfect amalgamation. 

Seren Derryth 

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