Seren Derryth Creations

Artistocrafted Magestical items of *almost* High Elfdom

In these pages you will find the creative expression of my Art and my Will, a free-spirited exploration of fantasy and reality through the magic of a Faery Heart.

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  • Jewelry

  • Stickers and Cards

  • Magical Objects

Fantastic Jewelry

Assembled from natural stone, crystal, metal wood, and other high quality materials, fantasy and magical elements combine with intense color to create wearable art that you will treasure for decades to come.

Seren Derryth is a Witchy Artsy Whimsical Fae, creating mirth and magic in a multitude of artsy and craftsy ways.

Working out of her home in Springfield, Oregon, she is currently offering her creations in person at art and craft shows around Oregon, with online offerings through Facebook and Instagram pages.