Seren Derryth is a Witchy Artsy Whimsical Fae!

Upcoming Events

Pagan Pub Moot – April

When: Thursday, April 4th, from 6pm to 8pm
Where: Old Nick’s Pub, 211 Washington St, Eugene

We meet monthly at Old Nicks to have a brew and chat about topics of interest to the Pagan Community.

Fantastic Jewelry

Whimsical Stickers and Cards

Art Prints

Working out of her home in Springfield Oregon, Seren Derryth currently offers her creations in person at art and craft shows around Oregon, with online offerings through Facebook and Instagram Pages. 
In the modern world her name is Seren Derryth Riddle. She is a creative force who enjoys making art to wear and display that help people feel seen. She loves to make art inspired by fantasy, but has found great joy in making LGTBQIA+ art and jewelry. Helping others express their true selves has become a major theme and mission for Seren Derryth Creations. 
Seren Derryth Riddle is also very active in the pagan community in Eugene and is the Executive Director of Eugene Pagan Pride, an Oregon nonprofit corporation dedicated to promoting community, tolerance and understanding among the many faiths and traditions of local pagans. Together with a hardworking volunteer board of directors, she brought back the Pagan Pride Day event in 2022, which exceeded all expectations. She helped the event grow from 20 vendors to just over 50, booked exciting workshops and entertainment,  and the generous attendees contributed over 88 pounds of food donations for Food For Lane County. Past estimates of attendance of about 200 attendees were more than doubled in 2022 to over 500 estimated attendees and participants. 
Seren’s past includes 27 jobs that have undervalued her work ethic, determination, tenacity, and her ability to multitask and get things done. Seren Derryth Creations came from a need to take control of her destiny, focusing her efforts into creations that come from the heart.

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